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Gateway Commons Pool

Address: 11301 Gateway Blvd, Fort Myers, FL
Phone: 239.561.1313 or 239.561.0642

The Gateway Commons Pool is located at 11301 Gateway Blvd. The pool is a short course size heated pool with a designated lap lane which is 25 meters…

Dog Park

Address : 13260 Griffin Drive, Fort Myers, FL 33913



Sherman Soccer Complex

Address: 13260 Griffin Drive, Fort Myers, FL

The Sherman Soccer Complex located at 13260 Griffin Drive has 4 regulation and 1 junior size soccer field, a playground, restrooms and a concession…

Administrative Complex

Address: Gateway Services Community Development District, Griffin Drive, Fort Myers, FL

The Administrative Complex is the home of the Gateway Services Community Development Team. The Board of Supervisors and its Committees meet…

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