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Gateway Services CDD
Customer Utility Notifications

Gateway Services CDD has several methods of notify all customers served by the CDD regarding utility concerns, water advisories, or other critical alerts in the community. Below are all notification methods used in communicating any Utility or Water alerts. (In order of fastest delivery method)

  1. CodeRed Notification System. Currently the CDD is using an emergency response system called CodeRed. This is currently the fastest way for the CDD to issue notifications for all emergencies and general CDD alerts by text, email, or phone.
    • Requires residents to enroll
    • All information is kept private and is not subject to public records request.
    • Critical for multi-family owners/tenants who do not receive a bill from GSCDD
    • In the event of a catastrophic event resulting in no power, this is the primarily method of delivering notice to residents.
    • Information is attached also available on the CDD website at https://gatewaydistrict.org/sign-up-for-codered-community-notification-system/
  2. Facebook: All notices are also posted on our Facebook page Customers can also stay informed by accessing the CDD’s Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/GatewayCDD/
  3. Website : The CDD will update all alerts or latest news on the home page of the District’s website. https://gatewaydistrict.org/
  4. E-bill notification notice: When a customer elects to receive email copy of their water bill, all customers with an email address will automatically receive an email for all critical utility or water alerts that pertain to their property.
    1. Customers can request ENotices by emailing [email protected]
    2. Updated Contact Form on a customer’s account.
      • The Bi-Monthly water bills includes language on how customers can obtain notifications regarding water alerts.
      • Periodically the GSCDD will mail an Update Contact Form to each resident with their water bill. This form provides residents the ability to update their account & contact information, provide notice regarding Utility Alerts through E-Bill notifications, and makes customers aware of the notification process for water alerts including the option to enroll in the CodeRed. Form mailed 11/15/2020.
      • Notification preference is also available on the new customer account application and welcome letter when establishing an account.
  1. Property Managers: Property managers will also receive a copy of a Utility or Water alert & advised to communicate accordingly. GSCDD does not have contact info for multi-family residents and may also have other means to communicate with its residents.


  1. Posted Signs in the community:  In the event a Boil Water Advisory is issued, posted signs will also be located within the affected communities.