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Introducing Gateway Services Notification System

Gateway Service CDD (GSCDD)  – Use of CodeRED Mobile Alert App to Deliver Emergency & General Notifications

GATEWAY SERVICES CDD located in Lee County – Fort Myers, FL in January 2019, through an existing contract with OnSolve LLC, will begin delivering public safety alerts through the company’s public safety app of choice, the CodeRED Mobile Alert.

The app, which is a free download on the App Store and Google Play, will allow Gateway Services CDD residents and visitors to receive free emergency, missing person and community alerts via push notifications directly to their iPhone and Android devices. If you have the app downloaded and are in an affected area of the alert, a notification will be sent through the app to alert you of the problem.

Residents who have enrolled for the CodeRED system will continue to receive voice calls, text messages and emails. However, the app is designed to keep users safe and informed while on the go or traveling.

Residents are encouraged to download the app to begin receiving notifications from Gateway Services immediately. The app is available for a free download on the App Store and Google Play.

View App Details or download Mobile CodeRED app – Click Here 

Please NOTE: The mobile app is NOT developed, programmed or maintained by Gateway Services CDD. GSCDD is not responsible for the performance, errors or technical issues that may occur with the mobile app.  


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