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While we can personally relate to the beauty that oak trees bring to Gateway, the safety of our residents takes priority. It is evident on Gateway Boulevard that the oak trees have adversely impacted the road, sidewalks, and our infrastructure.
The tree roots are creating issues such as lifting sidewalks, damaging the irrigation as well as wiring/conduit issues. We also have a twelve-inch sewer ‘force main’ along the paved sidewalk along Gateway Blvd. and the trees could cause a catastrophic failure of the District’s entire sewer collection system.
Tree limbs continue to obscure or partially obscure lighting from the street lights onto the roadway. In some cases, pruning will be sufficient to eliminate the lighting issues but that is not the case for the majority to the trees. The older oaks in the median near Daniels Parkway may benefit from an investigation by an arborist as they might not survive a root pruning.
It’s important to note that Lee County took over the responsibility of maintaining the roadway (except damage caused by the trees) but the landscaping, paths/sidewalks, drainage and street lights remain under the District’s scope of responsibility.
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