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Lee County – CARES Act Funds for Utility Payment

As of May 26, 2020 – Lee County has received CARES Act funds that can be used for payment of residential and commercial water and wastewater outstanding utility bills.

Please note: Lee County Human & Business Services handles all questions, inquiries, technical support, status updates or approval  regarding program assistance. For questions regarding available funding or eligibility, contact 239-533-CARE or refer to Lee County Human & Business Services website. https://leeflcares.com/ 

There’s limited funding for the entire County for Residential and Commercial Businesses. 

Any customer impacted by COVID-19 will be able to apply for assistance through the County’s Human Services webpage. https://leeflcares.com/ 

For FAQs regarding individual Assistance Programs please visit https://leeflcares.com/faq#individual

Steps regarding utility payment assistance:

  1. Customers must first register for an account to apply for assistance through the Lee County FL Cares website leeflcares.com  or call 239-533-Care
  2. Customer should provide GSCDD notice in writing advising of application status or approval to note your utility account
  3. Once the approval and payment has been issued from Lee County to GSCDD, any payment for reimbursement received by Lee County will be posted to the customer’s Utility Account.

Any outstanding balance on the account will be due by the customer. If assistance is denied, the property owner or business is ultimately responsible for the balance due to avoid any late fees, penalties, interruption of water service, or lien placement for Utility Services.

Upon additional information provided to GSCDD regarding the program, updates will be made available on the District’s website at www.gatewaydistrict.org


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