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Water Utility services are subject for disconnection for any of the following reasons:

  • Failure to return completed application for new service
  • Non-Payment
  • Tampering/Damage GSCDD Equipment
  • Obstructed GSCDD Water Equipment


Non-Payment – Shut off/Interruption of Services
If water services are disconnected as a result of non-payment, services will be turned on during normal business hours. A service charge of $50.00 will be billed to the account. Full payment is required for services to be re-established. Services will be reconnected during normal business hours Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 5:00pm

If services have been disconnected over 24 hours, the resident will need to request services to be reconnected and must be on the property at the time of reconnection. This will ensure there are no accidental faucets running or water overflow problem to avoid waste, damage and a high water bill. Account holders should refer to the back of the bill statement for more information regarding non-payment.

Customers will receive mailed &/or electronic notifications regarding the status of their account prior to disconnection.

*Property owner is ultimately responsible for all charges related to water, wastewater and irrigation once past the meter.


Tampering/Damage/Obstructed of GSCDD Meter Equipment or Utility Connection
Damage to GSCDD equipment are billed to the property owner of the account. If damage is a result of tampering with equipment or unauthorize utility use is found, tampering fees can range from $ 50.00 – $3,000.00. Regardless if the responsible party was not the property owner, all charges are billed to the account holder.  Water service may not be reconnected until all damage are repaired and water connection verified.


Failure to submit application for new service 
Services on a property maybe subject for disconnection if an application for new services is not received within 10 days of a closing date or upon notifying our Utility Billing service department. Service agreement for water service is required for all residents or businesses. Upon receiving application, water service will be reconnected immediately.