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As a result of the round-about construction, necessary expansion work is required on the Sewer Force Main. This work is necessary as a part of the required utility infrastructure. Beginning on April 20, 2021 GSCDD staff will be working along lift stations throughout the community as a precautionary measure. Generators or pumps may be located at or near the lift stations throughout the community during the week.

Staff will work on monitoring and clearing Lift station alarms throughout the community.

There is no expected interruption of water, wastewater (sewer), or irrigation service to the residents.

The sewer force main expansion work will take place at the intersection of Gateway Blvd & Commerce Lakes.  No lane closures are expected for this intersection. Lane shift has taken place as of Monday April 19, 2021. Refer to Lee County notice regarding traffic  shift.  https://www.gatewaydistrict.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/Gateway-Flyer-April-2021_4_5_21.pdf 


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