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Legal Notice To Residents 
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Engineer’s Report dated April 11, 2017 and Lake Restoration Project Master Assessment Methodology Report dated April 25, 2017
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June 8, 2017 Public Hearing Meeting Video
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The Gateway Services Community Development District Phase 1 Lake Bank Restoration Project started construction in March.  The Project will impact all Gateway Greens residents living along Ponds 116, 118 and 126, AND Cypress Cay residents living along Ponds 86 and 87.

Gateway Greens Residents

Construction almost complete.

Cypress Cay Residents

Pond 86 runs between Hampton Park Court and Griffin Drive and is bordered on the south by Lake Cypress Loop and to the north by Bristol Parkway, Cypress Tree Circle and Cypress Head Drive. Residents along these roadways that back up to the pond will be impacted by the project.

Pond 87 is bordered to the south by Lake Cypress Loop and to the north by Hampton Parkway. Residents along the pond bank will be impacted by the project.

Mobilization is beginning the week of May 8th. If you have any questions regarding this project or would like more information, please contact the CDD District Manager Chris Shoemaker at 239-284-0350.

Additional Stormwater Information

Stormwater Best Management Practices

GSCDD Ponds Standards Dec 18, 2015

Stormwater Ponds What You Can Do to Help

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