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Gateway Services CDD rates and fees are calculated & established during rate study accomplished by rate consultants hired by the District. These studies are conducted every 3 to 5 years and may vary based on the impacted of growth, future development, local economy, and required funding for capital improvements. A comprehensive rate study takes place of all funds, budgets, capital improvements, finances, plans, debt services, current usage and future proposed growth demands.


2022-2025: Approved Utility Rate Schedule 

2019-2024: Approved Utility Rate Schedule

2014-2019: Approved Utility Rate Schedule

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Meter security deposits is charged to all account holders per meter. Customers are required to pay a security deposit for water &/or irrigation service. The deposit will remain in a non-interest bearing account, to be refunded and applied towards the final bill. Any credit will be reimbursed to the customer. Meter deposit is required per Section 9: Consumer Deposit per Chapter I Rules of the District water, wastewater & irrigation.

Meter Size Deposit Amount
5/8 ” x 3/4″ $100.00
1″ $125.00
1 ½” $150.00
2″ $175.00
3″ $325.00
4″ $500.00
6″ $50.00 per dwelling unit or equivalent
8″ $50.00 per dwelling unit or equivalent



Utility Bill Charges Charges &/or Fee Amount Description
Base Charge 2019-2023 Water, Wastewater & Irrigation rate schedule;

Full Schedule available under Base & Usage Charge

Base charge covers the fixed cost associated with the operations and maintenance for providing service to customers. Charges will apply regardless if no water is used.
Billing Changeover TO/FR Renter $50.00 each occurrence Issued to the owner’s account each time a new renter takes ownership of current utility services
Disconnection/Shut-Off Fee $50.00 Issued for disconnection of water service for non-payment
Meter Deposit – Residential $100.00 per meter; May vary based on meter size Residential meter deposit for utility services
Late Payment Fee 1.5% of the unpaid balance billed monthly Billed 15 days after the billing due date
Lien Filing Fee All charges related to filing &/or processing lien Billed when utility lien placed on the property as a result of unpaid/outstanding balance
Return Fee $25.00 ea. occurrence if face value is less than $50.00

$30.00 ea. occurrence if face value is between $51.00-$300.00

$40.00 ea. occurrence if face value exceeds $301.00 or 5% of the face amount of the check whichever is greater

Charges for return item for reasons of NSF, account closed, stop payment, uncollected, etc.
Transaction Fee by Credit Card $2.95 OR 2% of the balance whichever is greater.

American Express is NOT available or accepted as form of payment

Transaction or service fee for processing payment by a Master Card, Visa, or Discover credit card
Turn ON/OFF Fee $25.00 each occurrence Billed to the owners account for each occurrence to turn on or off the meter as requested by the customer
Usage Charge 2019-2023 Water, Wastewater & Irrigation rate schedule;

Full Schedule available under Base & Usage Charge

Usage charge covers the variable cost associated with operations and maintenance to provide service to customers. This charge is based on the volume of water consumed.
Other rates, fees or charges may apply as indicated in the Chapter Rules of the District related to Water, Wastewater, & Irrigation
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